Renewal Bathtub Overlay vs. New Bathtub Replacement

Overlay or New Tub?

Answered By: Stuart Michaels, President/Founder

Q: Hey Renewal! I need a new bathtub but I don’t know if we should replace our existing one or install one of your Renewal Bathtub Overlays.  What do you recommend and why?

A: Ok,  so you really need to replace that old worn out bathtub and really don’t know what direction you should take, either full bathtub replacement or our Overlay System.

We should look at what you want to accomplish first.  Are you just wanting to replace the bathtub or do you want an affordable solution to renew your bathroom walls and tub together?

My recommendation is to decide if you want to modernize the bathroom with our maintenance free Renewal Stone™ wall system or just replace the tub with our lifetime warranted Renewal Easy Soak Series™ Bathtub.

The choice is yours of course.  Please keep in mind that the options are plentiful at Renewal and we’re here to assist you with your decision so you know just exactly what options are available.

Available in three colors, our Overlay System is designed for a lifetime of bathing activity and allows for a faster installation and less deconstruction during the installation process because it is custom made for your bathtub’s size and fits directly over your old one.  Many homeowners choose this option for ease of installation and less mess.

Our Easy Soak Series™ Bathtubs are a full replacement product requiring us to remove your existing bathtub right down to the sub-floor. Also available in three colors the Easy Soak Series™ requires our factory trained installation team to carefully remove the existing tub without harming the surrounding walls.  You still have the option to go over your existing bath or shower walls with our Renewal Stone™ wall systems

We’ll always offer all options available and help you choose the one that best suits your needs!


Best Regards,